Rolic production News Which NHL teams should you watch for?

Which NHL teams should you watch for?

With all of the excitement surrounding the NHL’s first-ever Winter Classic this January, one team might just be looking a little too good to be true.

The Ottawa Senators have been one of the biggest surprises of the season, taking home a whopping $500,000 in prize money from a host of leagues and events.

They’ve been the surprise of the NHL playoffs, with their first two games going into overtime, winning both.

So, what exactly did the team do that was so special?

Here’s our list of the top 20 teams in hockey, ranked from best to worst.1.

Ottawa Senators1.

Sidney Crosby (NHL) Sidney Crosby is one of our favorite players in the NHL, and his team has made a lot of people smile this season.

He’s already scored 20 goals, more than anyone in NHL history, and he’s had his moments, including one overtime goal against the Winnipeg Jets in which he threw a puck through the legs of goaltender Carey Price.

The Senators, however, have only won one game, a 4-2 overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

While the Senators were on the verge of tying their season high in goals with 19, the Penguins came away with three goals, and they had three assists to lead the Penguins.

Crosby was named to his fourth All-Star Game, but he still got a lot less than half the prize money.

It would be nice to see a repeat performance in his fourth season.2.

New Jersey Devils2.

Pittsburgh Penguins2.

Chicago Blackhawks3.

Florida Panthers4.

St. Louis Blues5.

New York Rangers6.

Anaheim Ducks7.

Toronto Maple Leafs8.

Nashville Predators9.

Colorado Avalanche10.

Los Angeles Kings11.

Ottawa Capitals12.

New England Patriots13.

Arizona Coyotes14.

Philadelphia Flyers15.

Florida Marlins16.

New Orleans Saints17.

Winnipeg Jets18.

Anaheim Bruins19.

Toronto Blue Jays20.

Montreal Canadiens