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What’s the most popular TV show on Netflix?

The most popular television show on Amazon Video, Netflix’s original streaming service, is called Sister Schubert.

It’s the seventh most popular series on the service and it has a cult following amongst fans, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It has had a strong following since it first premiered on Netflix in 2016.

The show is an adaptation of a children’s book by the German author Jürgen Schuettig, which is now the longest-running children’s series in the US.

It was created by Schuette siblings who created the series and released it as a series of six books.

Schuettige books are sold as audiobooks, and they are now available on Netflix for a premium price.

The books, which were published by HarperCollins and are available on Amazon, are narrated by the same actors who starred in the Schuetzes original books.

Schuette books are also available on iTunes and are a must-buy for fans of the show.

The Netflix series has had strong reviews, with a recent review from The New York Times praising the show for its “beautiful” writing, strong acting and strong performances.

The series follows a teenage girl named Sister Schulter who lives in the town of Wollheim in Germany.

Sister Schutter is an alcoholic, and she has an obsession with drinking and partying.

The sisters own a popular club, but Sister Schütter’s father, the town priest, is suspicious of her and tries to stop her from becoming a nun.