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What’s the difference between rock and pop?

Rock and pop are two separate genres.

Rock is an instrument or sound created by musicians to express emotion, while pop is an art form that’s influenced by dance music and other genres.

Both have existed in different forms since the beginning of recorded music, but the most famous of them all is the Rolling Stones, who formed in the early 1950s.

While the Stones are still known around the world, they’ve only ever had one hit in the UK, and that’s “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, released in 1965.

The song is famous for its lyrics, and they were one of the most important bands in the 1960s.

The lyrics of “You Are The World” are also one of my favourite pop songs of all time, but “You’re The World”, from the 1975 song “Never Gonna Give You Up”, was probably the biggest pop hit of the decade.

Both rock and rap are styles of music that have roots in pop music, and both styles were influential in their time.

Rock and rap became popular in the mid- to late-1960s, when the genre gained popularity after a spate of rock bands released hit records.

These songs became so popular that the lyrics and instruments became much more prominent in popular music, such as rock and the roll, which became a genre of its own.

It’s believed that “Rock and Roll” is the original term for pop music.

Both styles originated in the United States, but since the early 20th century rock has had a major presence in the US.

The most famous rock band in the world today is Metallica, who released their first album in 1969.

Their hit song “Stardust” has been a mainstay in pop for the past 20 years.

The pop rock genre was created in the 1970s and peaked in the 1980s.

Its main genres are: pop, rock, dance, country, alternative rock and hip-hop.

The genre is most well known in the U.S., but it also has a huge following in Europe and Asia.

The word “rock” comes from Latin, meaning “a mountain or wall of stones”.

This means rock music is often performed in stadiums and stadiums were popular in early rock music.

The music style has a very strong roots in the Western world, with the likes of the Rolling Thunder, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones all being influenced by the genre.

The term “pop” comes directly from Latin pop, which means “a type of music popular in England, Scotland and Wales, where there is a strong focus on music, especially music from the British Isles”.

The word is used to describe a genre that was popular in Latin America, Latin America and Australia in the 1950s and 1960s, before being brought to the United Kingdom in the late 1980s, and became popular worldwide.

Pop music became popular after the 1970’s, when a wave of pop music became very popular, with albums and movies like The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the Rolling Stone’s “Carry On” being big hits.

While it’s no secret that pop music was influenced by rock and jazz, it’s the popularity of rock and rock and metal music that was the biggest influence on pop.

It was in the 80s that pop began to gain popularity in Europe, with popular hits like the Rolling Ballad of John Lennon and Ringo Starr.

Rock also became popular outside of the U, but this was mostly due to the release of hits by bands like The Rolling Stone, The Who and The Beatles, and the popularity on the U2 Tour, which featured some of the biggest names in rock and alternative music.

Popular music became so mainstream in the 2000s that it was the most popular genre on Spotify, and rock, hip-ho and alternative rock were the top 10 genres.

There’s also a lot of confusion around the terms “pop”, “rock”, “hip hop”, “alternative rock” and “country”.

The biggest confusion surrounds the definition of pop, and which genres are popular.

There is a lot to choose from, but I will explain it all for you in this article.

What are Pop?

Pop is a music genre.

It involves the use of the words “pop-rock” and/or “rock-hip hop”.

Pop has a strong connection to the word “pop”.

Pop, or rock, is a type of rock music popular throughout the Western hemisphere.

The style is popular in America, and Australia and New Zealand.

Hip hop is popular overseas and it’s often associated with rock music, hip hop and rap.

There are many sub-genres of pop: country, jazz, funk, soul, country blues, reggae, pop-punk and dubstep.

Pop also includes many genres, such: country and western swing, hiphop and rock music styles, rock and