Rolic production Article What’s going on with Jesus rolls?

What’s going on with Jesus rolls?

A new app called Jesus rolls is now available for iPhones and Android devices.

The app lets users order a pizza in person, and then pick a pizza that they would like to have shipped to their home, and has a delivery option to bring pizza to their front door.

Users can also order pizza to be delivered to a location.

The feature is available to iPhone and Android users on all three platforms, according to the app’s official website.

“I love that I can order pizza in my house, and we can have it delivered to our home.

It’s awesome,” said Adam, a 31-year-old pizza delivery man in St. Louis, Missouri, and an Uber driver.

“It’s so easy to do that for the first time.

I have to say, it’s really a cool feeling to know that someone has my back.”

The app is being tested on the iPhone and iPad.

It offers delivery to multiple locations, including a pizza restaurant in Minneapolis, a pizza delivery location in San Francisco, and a delivery site in Portland, Oregon.

The company plans to add more locations in the future, according a spokesperson.

The app’s price is $3.99 per order, and delivery costs $9.99.

Users have the option to purchase additional delivery, which includes pizza to go, an Uber ride to the home, or a $5 Uber credit.

The company plans on expanding its app in the coming months.

The New York Times has been using Jesus rolls since August to deliver food and other supplies to people who have been homeless.