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What to wear to your roller derby party

It’s hard to beat a roller derby outfit with an eye roll meme on it.

The phrase was originally created by Australian internet meme creator JelloBumble to describe a roller’s head turning, then the phrase was re-purposed for the internet meme craze.

The idea was picked up by some roller derby enthusiasts, who used it as a catch-phrase for the roller’s eyes rolling in different directions, making for a really funny and entertaining roller derby moment.

But, according to the Roller Derby Australia website, “it’s no longer being used as a meme.”

The phrase is now considered slang. 

But, what if you’re not the type of person to wear a meme?

And what if, instead, you’re someone who enjoys roller derby?

What if your eye roll has nothing to do with roller derby, but is instead the result of your body moving in a certain way? 

And what if your roller was the one who made you do it? 

This article originally appeared on Roller Derby Australia. 

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