Rolic production News What are the hottest new apps?

What are the hottest new apps?

Covered by the National Fire Protection Association, the National Consumers League and other consumer groups, these apps are often used by families to check the temperature and make sure their pets aren’t overheating.

For a couple of weeks, the app stores have been flooded with hundreds of new entries.

Many of them are designed to save you time and money and have nothing to do with your thermostat, but there are some of the best ones we’ve seen so far. 

We’ve also featured some of our favorites.

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This is not a list of the hottest products available, only of the apps that are popular and have the highest share of installs.

These are apps that people are downloading or using on a regular basis, even if they don’t require a thermostatic app or an app for your smart phone. 

You can find them on the Google Play Store and on the App Store in the U.S. and Canada.