Rolic production Article ‘The Walking Dead’: A look at the first season

‘The Walking Dead’: A look at the first season

It was a great first season, but it didn’t last long, and it’s not the kind of show you can go back to.

I don’t think the Walking Dead is a franchise that people can go and watch over and over again, but I do think it has a very solid following, and I think it can continue to do really well.

The Walking Death was a very good episode of the first series, and the first five or six episodes of the next season.

They’re not exactly great episodes, but they’re very well made.

It’s not a very engaging show, but that’s what I like about them.

You can get lost in the world of the show, and this is the world where the show is set, and people go, “Oh, that’s very dark.”

You can go, oh, that looks like a zombie.

You know, the world isn’t the best for that kind of story.

It just seems to be.

The Walking zombie apocalypse is one of the more popular storylines in the franchise.

It is very much the show’s signature story, and Rick and company have a lot of trouble finding the survivors, and there are a lot more zombies than usual, because they were trying to keep the world alive.

That was an interesting story, because it was a really hard show to follow.

But it’s also very much Rick and the group’s story.

There was a lot that we thought we’d see, and we saw it a lot.

There were a lot things that I thought were good that we didn’t.

I think we did get some really great moments in there.

I’m a big fan of the zombie-movie, so I’m a fan of a lot different things.

I’m not a huge fan of those movies that are so far in advance of reality, and that you can just go, okay, what’s happening here?

It’s very much based on reality, so you can see where it’s coming from.

But I love the way that zombies are represented in these movies.

There’s the movie The Walking Dead: A New Day, which is based on the comic book book, and is based around a lot the same thing.

It had a lot to do with the fact that Rick had a really big plan to try and kill off the city of Alexandria, but he’s got to do it in the most realistic way.

It has the zombies that are actually real, and they’re not really in it for the fun, but to get the other survivors out of there and get out of Alexandria.

I do like the idea of the people that are running things in this show, the people running the city, and of course the people at the front lines.

There is a lot there.

The people who are the real threat to Rick, they’re the ones that you see running the streets.

I like the characters of Daryl, Negan, Rick, and Beth, who are all incredibly good.

I love them all.

They all have their own unique personalities.

The show is very episodic, so it’s very easy to have fun, and you get a lot out of it, especially with the way the show focuses on people.

It takes you through the whole arc, and everything comes together really well, so that you kind of feel like you’re watching a whole story unfold.

I do like that, because the story is always unfolding in a certain way, and so there is a kind of narrative momentum, and then the characters come out of that, and things just happen.

The first season of The Walking Death also introduced a lot about how people in the apocalypse are different from those in the mainstream world.

It really struck me, and other people, when I was reading the first few episodes.

I was thinking, well, I’ve got to watch the first couple of episodes and figure it out.

And I was like, “What?

How does that work?”

I don’t know.

And it was very interesting, because I really liked the idea that you don’t see the people in these different realities as necessarily as you would in the conventional world.

It really struck a chord for me, because, to me, that was very exciting.

I always thought that we should have the zombie apocalypse as real as possible.

I mean, I think that’s really important.

But the way I view it, it’s about the people.

I don, as a viewer, know what’s going on, but the people who survive.

They don’t get the real world, but maybe they do get some of the things that we are accustomed to.

I think that the show did an excellent job with how the world is portrayed, because of how realistic they made it.

I remember watching it when I first got into the world and thinking, wow, I wonder if this is real.

I didn’t know that the world was like that.

I just thought, I don