Rolic production News Roller derby star has been arrested for allegedly making up story about death of former teammate

Roller derby star has been arrested for allegedly making up story about death of former teammate

A former roller derby player was arrested Monday after allegedly telling police he accidentally killed a teammate while she was under the influence, the Seattle Times reported.

According to the Seattle-based King County Jail, 21-year-old Zachary Kowalski was arrested at the King County Detention Center on a charge of first-degree manslaughter.

He was released on a $1,000 personal recognizance bond.

The incident allegedly occurred in August, when Kowalkski allegedly told police he was at a friend’s apartment and that he was in the bathroom when he heard a knock at the door and found the victim unconscious on the floor.

The police report states the victim was in an elevator, but Kowalakski later admitted to not having been in the elevator and that when he came out, the victim appeared to be in pain.

Kowalki reportedly told police that he then went to his friend’s room and got into bed.

Kowalykski said he then woke up the victim and told him to take a deep breath.

He allegedly told the victim that he had been drinking at the time and that his friend was not breathing.

The victim told police Kowallkski then “watched the victim in the toilet and then went back into bed and started to put on a condom,” the report states.

He said Kowaleski then pulled the condom off, put it on the table, and took a drink from the bottle and left.

The woman was then seen in the restroom with blood on her mouth, according to the report.

The alleged victim told officers that she and her boyfriend had been talking about Kowaldski’s behavior and she had told him that she did not want to have sex with him, according the report, but he was “not interested.”

Police were called to the apartment where Kowalekski was allegedly found unconscious.

Kawalski allegedly refused to take his seat in the shower, and the victim told them that she went to the bathroom and saw blood on the toilet.

She told police she then went outside to see what was going on.

Kawalsky told police when she came back inside, she saw blood and asked her boyfriend where she was and that they were still talking about sex, according with the report.

“She then told the boyfriend to go ahead and clean up the blood and wash his hands, and that she would get him to a doctor,” the officer said.

The boyfriend was then taken to the hospital, where he was treated for a cut on his leg.

The officer said Kawalksi admitted to having been drunk, but did not deny he was intoxicated at the moment of the alleged assault.

He has been booked into King County jail on a first-of-its-kind warrant.