Rolic production Article Roll the Dice for Roll the D20: The New Musical

Roll the Dice for Roll the D20: The New Musical

By DAVID MOORE | APRIL 05, 2018 12:17:07Roll the dice for RolltheD20: the new musical.

The Rolling Stones, John Legend, Neil Young and the Rolling Stones are coming to New York for a four-night run of live performances.

The New York Times said the musical, titled “Roll the Dice,” will run March 17-21 at Lincoln Center in New York City.

It is the first musical of the new millennium and will be performed by the band’s longtime guitarist Ronnie Wood.

“We’ve got an amazing cast and some really exciting surprises,” New York State Theater Commissioner Amy Schmitz said in a statement.

“It’s going to be a fantastic night.”

The musical, which is being produced by The Orchard Group, will also feature the Rolling Stone, the Foo Fighters, the Roots, the Flaming Lips, the Eagles, and many others.

“This is a new, exciting musical with some of the most talented musicians and singers in the world,” The Orchid Group’s Jeff Green said in the statement.

The Orchard is the new venture of New York’s New York Theatre Company.

It has partnered with the Rolling Rock Theatre Group and The Orchards, the New York Chamber Orchestra and the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra.

“Roll the D-20” is based on the classic book “Rolling the Dice.”

It stars John Legend and is produced by the New Line Cinema production company.

Roll the Rollers will perform “Roll The Dice,” the Stones’ new song from the film “The World’s Greatest Dad.”

The band’s latest album, “Rollercoaster,” was released on Aug. 26.

The Broadway revival of “Rudy,” which is directed by Jonathan Demme, will be played March 15 at the Coney Island Armory.

The movie will premiere at the AMC Grand Garden Arena March 18.

“I’m so thrilled that we are returning to Broadway with ‘Rudys,'” Demme said in an official statement.

“The cast and crew are so excited about working together again,” the theater’s chairman and CEO, Tony DeAngelo, said in The Times.

“This is going to give them the chance to create something really special and exciting, and they will.”

A preview of “RollTheD20” at the New Jersey Theatre Company on March 7.

The musical is produced in partnership with The Orchestrations.

The production will be followed by a performance of the Rolling Thunder song “Roll, Roll, Roll” at The Coney Islanders Arena on March 11.

Tickets are available at the theaters website.