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‘Roll off’ – Milan reject Roma offer for Darmian

By Football Italian staff “Roma are offering me a five-year contract.”

This is what Milan striker Darmio had to say on Twitter: “Roll off, darmio, I’ve always wanted to play in Serie A.”

That’s a lot of money for a player who was signed for the lower half of the transfer fee.

However, Darmiares reaction to this offer was rather different.

In the last two years he has scored 21 goals in all competitions and has netted a further eight in all competition for Juventus, while he also has 11 assists in the last 12 seasons.

In addition to the above, Darmares career has been marred by injury, as he has played in all but two of the 23 competitions he has ever appeared in.

For this reason, the Italian club have been very reluctant to offer Darmiac the chance to join Milan, which is why Milan are in a position to make a major offer.

However there are no guarantees as to how much money Milan can offer Darma, especially as they are a long way from signing the striker, as they were for Giorgio Chiellini.

It was also confirmed on Tuesday that the Rossoneri will sign a free agent striker in the summer.

With Mario Balotelli on the way out of the club, the Rossonese are currently on the hunt for a new striker, with many analysts speculating that Milan could be the frontrunner.

With the arrival of Alessandro Nesta in the transfer market, Milan could easily make an offer for the striker that would rival Milan’s record for a single transfer fee paid to a player in Serie B.

But with Nesta, Balotellos potential is limited, and Milan will be forced to consider other options.

However if the Rossoese can secure Darmiano, then Milan will have secured the best possible option for the Rossi, who have to look at other options in the coming days.

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