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How to Make Tootsie Rolls from Cinnamon Rolls

Tootsies Roll is a popular breakfast dish and, as such, many of us love them.

However, the cinnamon roll dough recipe can be tricky to make because it is quite moist and is more prone to cracking and sticking than the traditional baked dough.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to make your own cinnamon rolls that you can try at home.

In this tutorial, we’ll go over all the steps you’ll need to make Tootsy Roll dough at home from scratch.


Mix your own flour You will need a very good mixing bowl and a mixer for your dough.

You can get the best results if you have a stand mixer or an electric mixer.

Mix the flour by hand or with a mixer.

You will want to use the same amount of flour for each roll you make.

It is very important that the dough is not too wet as this will cause it to stick.

If you can’t get the dough to stick, mix it for a minute or two.


Mix in the spices, milk, and yeast.

Mix it all together in the bowl with the dough.

This will take about 30 seconds.

Mix all of the ingredients into the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes.


Pour in the egg and the milk mixture and then add the cinnamon rolls.


Let the dough rest for a couple of minutes and then fold it in half.

You should end up with about 6-8 rolls of dough.

If your dough isn’t sticking to the mixer, add a few extra rolls.


Roll out your dough and then cut it into six equal pieces.


Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat.

When the oil is hot, place your rolls on the pans and cook for about five minutes on each side.


Flip the rolls over and cook another five minutes.


Flip again and cook until the sides are golden brown and crispy.


Serve with a scoop of whipped cream and/or a dollop of powdered sugar on top.

This recipe is from The Foodie’s Kitchen.