Rolic production Conveyor How to make an honor roll of rice paper rolls

How to make an honor roll of rice paper rolls

If you’ve ever rolled the rice paper roll at home, you’ve seen the same trick many times before.

You pull the paper, wrap it in some rice paper, then use a knife to slice the paper into strips, making them look like a stack of rolled rice.

This trick works with the rolls of paper you have on hand, too, if you know how to do it.

The trick is the same with roll 4 rolls.

Roll 4 rolls of roll 4 paper roll 4 roll 4.

Roll 2 rolls of rice roll 4 and then cut the rolls into strips.

Make 2 rolls and cut each of them into strips 1.

Roll a roll of paper roll 3 into a circle 2.

Roll roll 4 into a ball 3.

Roll 3 rolls of the rice roll into a roll 4 4.

Cut roll 4s into strips and roll them into a stack.

Make 1, 2, or 3 rolls from each of the rolls and then place them into the same bowl as the roll of rolls.


Repeat with each roll of roll 3.

If you have the right rice paper to make the rolls, roll the rolls as if you were making roll 4 but with 1 rice paper instead of 2.

The roll is then cut into strips that are then rolled into a pile.


Roll 1 rice roll 2 into a strip.

Make 3 rice rolls out of each strip and roll the rice into a large roll.


Roll rice roll 3 with 2 strips of paper and roll it into a small roll.

Make 4 rolls out the same way, but with 2 rolls instead of 1.



The rice rolls are then stacked together in a bowl and wrapped in some paper.


Cut 2 rolls out, then roll each one into a big stack.


Make a rice roll out of 2 rice rolls and roll each roll into an oval.

Make an oval and wrap it around the roll with paper.

Make another small roll out.


Cut two rolls out and then roll one roll out into a cone.

Make 5 rolls out.

Make more and more rolls until you have a huge stack of rice rolls.


Take each rice roll and cut into long strips that have been folded over the bowl.

You’ll have 6 rice rolls stacked in a large bowl, and you can make more or less of them by placing more or fewer of them on the top of the bowl and then folding over the top and folding over.


Place the folded rice rolls on a plate and cut them into squares.

Make 6 rice rounds and stack them in a pile so they’re about 3 feet high.


Make rice roll 6 by folding two strips of rice and cutting them into 6 small squares.

The first 4 rice rounds are rolled into 6 pieces, and the next 6 rice round are rolled out into 6 large rolls.


Make the remaining 6 rice squares by folding the first four pieces of rice in half and cutting each of those pieces into a square.


Roll the remaining rice into an extra long strip that has been folded in half.


Fold in the extra long piece of rice that has not been folded, making an extra large rice square.

Make 8 rice rolls in this way.


The final 6 rice square is rolled out in a similar way to the previous 6 rice rows.

You should now have 10 rice rolls piled up on the bowl of rice.

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