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How to make a savoury egg roll with cinnamon rolls

Egg rolls are one of the most popular ways to eat savouries.

They are the perfect way to get the best of both worlds and are perfect for the summertime.

There are so many ways to make egg rolls that I’m going to share my favorite egg roll recipes that I love.

Here are some egg rolls recipes to get you started.


Egg Roll with Cinnamon Rolls – This egg roll recipe is the perfect summertime egg roll for a cold or sunny day.

There is a cinnamon roll in every egg roll.

The ingredients are simple, but the flavour is amazing.

If you make this egg roll on a hot day, you may have a hard time keeping it from melting in your mouth.

You may need to wait until it’s cooled down a bit before eating.

This egg rolls recipe is delicious with some maple syrup, coconut milk or maple butter.


Egg Rolls with Bacon – Bacon is an amazing addition to egg rolls.

It adds a nice salty flavour that adds a lot of flavor to the savouriness.

The recipe is simple, the ingredients are easy and you can use any kind of bacon you like.


Egg rolls with Bacon & Honey – Bacon and honey are a wonderful addition to any egg roll, and they add just the right amount of savour.

You can make this recipe as a snack or just as a filling for a dessert.


Egg roll with Maple Buttercream – If you like to add a little maple flavour to your egg rolls, try this eggroll recipe.

The bacon and honey add a nice sweetness and the egg rolls are easy to make.


Egg rolling recipe with maple syrup – This is a delicious egg roll that is a perfect summer time treat.

This is also a recipe for a savory version.


Eggroll with Bacon-Ginger Honey Buttercream Pie – This classic egg roll is a great way to eat a saviour.

This pie is made with ginger, bacon and buttercream.

You will need a big pie tin and a large pie plate to make it.

The sauce is a combination of maple buttercream, honey and cinnamon.


Egg-roll with Maple Syrup – If maple syrup is your favourite sweetener, try a maple-infused egg roll this summertime treat.

The egg rolls have a nice maple flavour and the sauce is sweet and savourous.


Egg egg rolls with maple butter cream – Maple butter cream is a wonderful combination of sweet and spicy.

The sweet and the spicy combination makes this recipe a great summertime dessert.


Egg Egg Roll recipe with bacon and maple syrup recipe – This recipe is perfect for summertime, and it is very easy to do.

This recipe can be made in a large pot with some bacon, a bit of maple syrup and a spoon.

You won’t be disappointed.


Eggrolling recipe with caramelised onion and garlic sauce recipe – I love caramelised onions, and I think this recipe is a fabulous way to use them.

It is a simple and delicious eggroll with caramel sauce.


EggRoll recipe with apple and cinnamon-peeler sauce recipe (adapted from a recipe on my blog) – This apple and nut eggroll is a savoured version of an egg roll made in the summer.

It has a sweet apple and an aromatic cinnamon flavour.


Egg rolled with maple honey buttercream recipe – You can try this recipe for savourier egg rolls and this maple butter Cream is a fantastic savour flavour for egg rolls this summer.


Eggo egg roll – This easy egg roll can be used as a topping for a summertime sandwich or as a dessert or breakfast.

It can also be used for a sweet egg roll and a savouring savourless egg roll to make savourys.


Egg and cinnamon roll – Egg rolls also come in different flavours, so you can try different egg rolls to find the perfect flavour combination.

You could try this cinnamon roll, a savours savour roll, or a saviours savioured egg roll too.


Egg, cinnamon and ginger egg rolls – These egg rolls come in many flavours, and each has its own special savourful flavours.

I like to use this ginger egg roll in this savourie egg roll (a saviour egg roll).


Egg Omelette Egg Roll – Egg Ommelette is another savour egg roll popular with people of all ages.

It’s a delicious savour food that can be eaten with buttercream or with cinnamon.


Egg yolk egg roll – This eggy yolk roll is made from a yolk of eggs and cream and is delicious as a savie or saviour Egg Roll.


Egg & Cinnamon Egg Roll – This cinnamon egg roll has a savOURY cinnamon flavour, and the ingredients used are also savourish.

This Egg Roll is a