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How to make a pizza roll with ‘pizza’ in the name: What you need to know

The first pizza rolled in India is made with tomato sauce, and it’s actually called a pannam pizza.

It is also known as a “pizza roll” in other parts of the world.

Pizza rolls have become so popular in India that the country has launched its own pizza-making factory.

This week, the country is set to celebrate its 100th birthday.

Here are the basics of pizza-rolling.1.

The sauce and dough mix: A lot of the sauce is made by hand, and that takes time.

A dough is rolled out and then a pizza is formed by mixing it with water.

You can make one roll in less than 15 minutes.

You need to do this before you roll out the dough.

You’ll need about 1/3 cup of the dough, or about 1.5 cups, to make one.

You may need more or less depending on how thin your dough is. 2.

Dough is then cut into squares, and then wrapped in plastic wrap.

You want the edges of the squares to be the same thickness as the sauce.3.

The pizza rolls are then cut and wrapped with plastic wrap in plastic bags, and left to rise in the fridge for two to three hours.

You will need to peel the skins off the rolls before they can be eaten.4.

You have to cook the pizza rolls at least 30 minutes at 425 degrees Celsius (1,100 degrees Fahrenheit).5.

You cook the pizzas in a pre-heated oven until the sauce reaches the desired thickness.

This takes about 45 minutes.6.

After you’ve heated the pizza dough, you add the sauce to it.

The thicker the sauce, the easier it is to roll out.

If you don’t heat the sauce until it reaches the right thickness, the pizza will break up when it hits the roll.7.

Once you have made all the rolls in the pizza-prep factory, you can eat them, or freeze them for later.8.

The final pizza-roll: The final roll is cut up and wrapped in paper.

It’s served in a bowl.

You must use a different sauce for each roll.9.

The rolls are frozen for up to three months in the freezer, but you can thaw them for up “to four days” in the refrigerator.

You could even eat them in advance of a big feast, like a dinner party.10.

You just need to cook a few more rolls, and you will have a nice and hearty pizza roll.