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How to get a jumbo roll wrapper, jelly roll fabric and roll bounce

Spring rolls are a popular snack that comes in many shapes and sizes, but for many, they are a staple of their diet. 

Some people even make their own, but others have to buy the wrappers and rolls from vending machines. 

How to make your own jelly roll wrapper?

I have found that making my own is pretty simple.

I buy jelly roll rolls from the vending machine and then mix the jelly roll dough with water, sugar and a few tablespoons of cornstarch to form a jelly roll.

I then place the dough in a plastic bag and cover with cling film.

I then seal the bag with plastic wrap and use the lid to seal it in place.

The wrap is then stored in a warm place until needed.

Once the wrapper is made, it is ready to be wrapped and placed in the fridge to cool down.

I also put a piece of plastic wrap over the top to protect it from light. 

If you want to make rolls of your own, you can make your wrappers by making your own dough, which is easier and more convenient.

I have found it best to make the jelly rolls at home, and then make the roll by rolling it out on a lightly floured surface.

This gives it a firm texture, and helps prevent it from rolling over.

The roll should be at least two inches in diameter.

I find it easiest to roll out a small rectangle and place it on a piece a plastic wrap.

After rolling out the roll, it should have the texture of a jelly rolls.

If the rolls are too big, you could add some flour or a little extra butter to the dough.

If you add the butter and flour mixture, you will need to add a bit more butter to make it firm enough to wrap.

Once you have rolled the rolls out, it will be ready to eat. 

Make jelly roll wraps at home