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How to find a good record store

Now that you’ve found the right place to buy a record, what should you do next?

Here’s our guide to the best places to buy music online.


Music Direct The best places for buying online Music Direct offers the widest selection of music and vinyl, as well as a huge selection of digital downloads, so you can have a wide variety of vinyl and digital tracks on your computer or smartphone.

Find out more about the site and how to buy online.

You can also buy records from a wide range of record labels, with many of the best-known ones listed here.


Record Store Day The UK’s biggest music festival is taking place next month and you’ll be able to find new and exclusive music from across the UK and Europe at Record Store Days across the country.

Find more about what the record store is up to. 3.

Music Unlimited You can stream your favourite music through Spotify, YouTube and other services to keep up with what’s happening in the music world.

Find details of what services you can stream, and how much you’ll pay, here.


Apple Music Music Unlimited has been a great alternative to Spotify and other digital music services for many years, offering music and music apps from Apple and other companies.

Apple has a huge catalog of music, with some of the biggest artists in the world including the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and U2.

Find all the music available for purchase on the Apple Music Store.


Amazon Music You can use Amazon Music Unlimited to buy albums and songs online for £7.99 per month.

It’s free to stream music, but the service has a massive catalog of songs available for download and to stream online.


Spotify You can buy music and videos from Spotify on Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon Music for a limited time, starting at just £7 a month.


Amazon Prime Now you can listen to music for free through the Amazon Prime service.

You’ll get access to Amazon’s entire music library, plus the best deals and music releases from across Europe.


Apple Podcasts Apple has made podcasting a reality by releasing a free podcasting app called iTunes Podcasts, which includes episodes from the hit podcast “Fresh Air”.

You can listen for free via the iTunes Podcast app, or subscribe to the podcast via your favourite podcasting service.


Amazon Video You can watch all of Amazon’s original content, including movies, music and television, on Amazon Video, which can be purchased from for just £9.99 a month, or for $19.99 with a trial subscription.


Apple Movies You can download free movies from the movies section of Apple Movies to watch for free on Amazon Prime Video.


iTunes Video You don’t have to buy the streaming version of iTunes to watch movies, videos or TV shows from iTunes.

You just need a Mac and iTunes, a computer with iTunes, and iTunes Video Player, which is free.

You could also download the free version of the app from Apple Music or another iTunes app, like VLC.


Amazon Instant Video You’ll need to buy an Amazon Instant video subscription to watch the Amazon Instant movies and TV shows, but Amazon’s app lets you watch movies and shows for free for a couple of hours.


Netflix You can sign up for Netflix’s free TV streaming service, but if you have trouble finding the right movie, you can sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Apple account.

You might need to pay for additional channels if you watch a lot of TV. 14.

HBO Go HBO Go is the only free HBO app available for free.

Find the best way to watch HBO shows and movies, with HBO Go on your Apple TV or Mac.


Apple TV and Apple TV Remote If you own an Apple TV, you’ll get a remote control that lets you control your Apple TVs TV or Apple TV remote.

It works with your Apple HomeKit, Apple TV Streaming Stick, Apple Remote Plus, and Apple Remote.


iTunes Radio You can search for new music from the iTunes Radio database, which contains thousands of songs, artists and albums.


Spotify Spotify has been making music streaming easier with its own app, Spotify Music, which allows you to download and listen to a lot more than what Spotify offers on the web.


Amazon Echo Amazon Echo can play a wide array of music from Amazon Music, and Amazon’s Echo smart speaker is a great way to keep track of all the best music and audio apps available.


Apple Store The Apple Store has a lot to offer, including books, apps, and electronics.

You also get the option to buy and download music and movies from Apple, Amazon, Rdio and other retailers, and the iTunes Store has the best selection of vinyl, CDs, and digital downloads.


Amazon Fire HD The best Amazon Fire TV devices have been selling on Amazon for years, and Fire HD has been the best performer since the device launched.

The Fire HD Fire