Rolic production News ‘Dress roller’ and ‘jelly roll’ owner faces child endangerment charges

‘Dress roller’ and ‘jelly roll’ owner faces child endangerment charges

A man who had allegedly assaulted two children in a costume-themed roller coaster has been arrested on charges of felony assault, according to police.

Jerusalem police said on Tuesday that they arrested Dovid Elman, who runs a costume roller coaster at the park called Jelly Roll, and two of its attendants, Shimon Shapira and Elhanan Khatib.

Elman, 57, was being held on a $5 million bond.

He was also charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

According to the police report, a passenger in the roller coaster’s second-level car pulled a woman to the ground and beat her, after she refused to remove a mask covering her face.

Elmans accomplice, a female guest, then pushed her to the floor, punched her and “began to strike the victim with a metal object,” the report said.

After she resisted, Elmans accomplices “repeatedly punched the victim multiple times,” the police said.

“The victim was knocked down and fell to the street,” the officer wrote.

Police found the children in the ride’s second floor car, and the three men had fled.

A statement released by the park said the guests were in costume for a costume party and did not realize that the children had been assaulted.

The park said it was conducting a “safety review” of its safety measures.